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Winter Driving Checklist!

Driving in harsh winter conditions can be such a hassle to both you and your vehicle. The frosty weather will test the mechanical abilities of your car, and the hazardous road conditions will test your driving abilities. The consequences of driving during extreme winter conditions can be very dire. You could end up skidding on black ice, getting stuck in a blizzard, or sliding through a bank of snow. It pays to be prepared, and FAR has just what you need to get ready. Our winterization special will ensure that your car is road-ready for the cold, and the advice below will help you mentally prepare for the road ahead.

Here are our tips to get ready for the snow, sleet, and freezing rain!

>Keep Up with Scheduled Maintenance: This is a major deal anytime of the year, but there is nothing worse than having a breakdown in the freezing cold or worse, a blizzard. Cold conditions tend to wear harder on your car so replace bad hoses, belts, water pumps and spark plug wires to avoid getting stranded during a snowstorm. Be sure to monitor your tire pressure as well, as tire pressure drops by about one pound per every ten-degree decrease in temperature.

Keep Your Wipers in Tip Top Condition: Winter wipers have rubbery coverings that keep ice from collecting on the blade, and they are a great asset to have during the cold. Don’t forget to turn your wipers off before you shut off your engine, as leftover water tends to freeze overnight. You don’t want your blades freeze to the windshield; the wiper motor may burn out trying to get them back to the resting position. FAR offers windshield wiper replacement service for your convenience!

Keep Your Tank Full: During the warmer months, you may be willing to chance it by driving with your gas light on, but if you get stuck or stranded in the cold, the engine will be your only source of heat. Keeping your tank above half also helps you prepare for any emergency evacuations, detours due to heavy snow routes, and you save gas in the long run. If you do become stranded, remember you can run the engine indefinitely at idle to stay warm, providing you have enough gas!

For more tips on getting winter ready, contact FAR!