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3 Common Vehicle Dangers for Children

No matter if you have a child in your car or you are behind the wheel as a driver, you must take extra caution.

Did you know that many children are injured and killed every year in a backover accident? The same holds true for those who are kept inside a car that is too cold or two warm for an extended period of time.

Here are three common vehicle dangers for children:

1. Power windows. Have you ever considered the fact that your child could be injured by a window that closes on their finger, hand, or head?

In addition to teaching your children not to play with power window switches, you may want to activate the “lock” switch from your position as the driver. This will ensure that your child is unable to open the window.

2. Seat belt entanglement. A child can easily become entangled in a seat belt, thus leading to serious injury or death. If the locking feature activates and a seat belt is left with a lot of slack, a child may get caught up and not be able to break loose.

3. Getting trapped in the trunk. With a curious mind, a child may climb into a trunk and subsequently get locked inside. Temperatures can quickly rise, leading to suffocation or heatstroke.

Note: all vehicles manufactured after 2001 have a glow in the dark trunk release pull. Show your child where this is and teach them about what it does.

Are you worried that your vehicle is not as safe as it could be? If so, contact FAR for professional advice and guidance. We want you and your family to be safe at all times.