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Autumn Safety Tips: Road Hazards to Watch Out For

As the seasons change, so do our roads, and that means a new list of potential hazards to be on the lookout for. Here at Fairfax Auto Repair, we want to make sure both you and your vehicle are prepared to stay safe on the roads all year long, so in addition to our car care and maintenance tips, we’ve compiled this list of Autumn driving safety tips. We hope you’ll remember these items as you take to the highways and by-ways this Fall.

Autumn leaves look lovely on the trees, drifting lazily by your window, and piling on the roadsides. However, as they pile up on the roadway, coupled with Autumn rains, these leaves become slimy, slippery patches that are as treacherous as ice in our roads. They can also hide hazards like potholes, curbs, or other debris in the road. Dry leaves, too, can be hazardous – parking over them could risk a fire caused by your catalytic converter! In short, admire the Autumn leaves from afar, but make an effort not to drive or park on them.

Frosts and ice also begin this time of year, especially overnight and in the early morning. Shady spots are particularly vulnerable, so be especially careful during that morning commute – even if the forecast calls for a temperate day, there could be treacherously slippery spots awaiting you in the cool morning air.

Finally, Autumn is mating season for deer, and the dangers of deer darting onto the roads increase at this time of year. We don’t need to tell you that hitting a deer will most definitely ruin your day – not to mention your vehicle. Deer seldom travel alone, so if you see one, look out for more. If you do hit a deer, pull over, turn on your hazard lights, and call the police or state Highway Patrol. Don’t approach the deer – if it’s not dead, you could be injured.

We hope these tips help you keep an eye out for some common driving hazards this November. Check back in for more Autumn safety tips, and if your vehicle is in need of service, schedule an appointment at Fairfax Auto Repair today.