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Eco-friendly Car Wash Tips

Now that the winter months have come and gone, there is no better time than now to give your car a nice cleaning, inside and out. Like many, you may immediately head for your driveway, grab the hose, and start spraying.

Before you do anything, however, you should consider the fact that the wrong approach could have a negative impact on the environment. Here are several eco-friendly car wash tips to implement:

1. Leave toxic chemicals behind. Although you may be tempted to use one or more of the car wash products sold at your local store, have you ever considered the fact that these may contain harmful chemicals, such as silicon, mineral spirits, and kerosene?

Before you purchase any product, read the label to ensure that there are no harmful ingredients.

2. Wash your car in your lawn, not your driveway. This may sound silly, but it can go a long way in bettering your local environment. Instead of wastewater making its way into storm drains, it will seep into your lawn instead.

3. You don’t need a hose. This may be hard to believe, but it is 100 percent true. Use a single bucket, refilling it when necessary. When you avoid using a hose, you can save up to 100 gallons of water every time you wash your car.

4. Don’t use paper towels. Believe it or not, many people go through an entire roll of paper towels each time they wash their vehicle. Rather than do this, opt for a clean cotton towel or undershirt.

With these eco-friendly car wash tips guiding you, it is simple to achieve the desired results without impacting the environment. At FAR, we do our part in saving the environment, without compromising results!