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Five Best Car Tips from Dad!

Fairfax Auto Repair is a family owned business, and with Father’s Day coming up, we’d thought it be a great opportunity to reward Dad’s for all their awesome car advice over the years. Whether your dad is a mechanical genius, or just simply reminds you to get your oil changed on time, we’d love to hear your story! Tweet us @FFXAutoRepair and tell us some of your dad’s best car tips and receive 5% off the cost of labor for your next service!

1) How to Jumpstart Your Battery: It all happens to us at least once in our driving lives, either by waking up or walking to your car and your battery is dead. This dilemma can be caused by a variety of factors, like leaving a light on, or an alternator issue, and almost always happens at the most inconvenient times. Thanks to Dads however, we now carry a set up jumper cables in the trunk, and make sure to not let the wires touch!

2) How to Properly Hand Wash Your (or his) Car: Back in simpler times, before directional videos were online, Dads would teach their kids how to wash a car. Dad expected you to start washing the cars, or at least your own, usually by the time you became a teenager. If you complained about wanting to use a car wash, he explained to you to the importance of hand washing versus a car wash machine and made you sit for hours while he practiced his “wax on/wax off “routine.

3)Keep Your Car Clean: Along with all his great accolades about the importance of proper car care; Dad always had great advice on how to save gas as well. Since every extra few pounds add to the stress that is put on the engine, Dad would make sure you kept the inside of your car and trunk cleaned out. Books, shoes, athletic equipment, and whatever other random junk you’ve ever had in your ride, Dad constantly reminded you of the gas you could save be clearing it out.

4)Invest in a Windshield Scraper: It may seem like such a small detail, but in hindsight, there have been many an icy morning, when those scrapers have come in handy. Living in a place that’s accustomed to snow and winter weather, it’s not uncommon to come outside after work, or even a short run in the store and have frosty buildup on your windshields. Thanks to Dad, you probably keep one in your trunk along with a spare tire and jumper cables.

5)Check Your Footwork: Possibly one of Dad’s best car tips ever: drive with your foot flat on the accelerator, and not with your toes. This is usually one of the first driving tips, fathers typically give, and for good reason as driving with the front of your foot pointed downwards on the accelerator reduces your fuel efficiency. Also by driving with your heel down on the floor of the vehicle, it is easier to ease your foot off the accelerator and tap the brakes when lowering your speed on the highway.

We’ll be retweeting the best Father’s Day Car Tips, and from everyone at the Fairfax Auto Repair family, Happy Father’s Day!