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Five Maintenance Services You Should NEVER Skip

When it comes to regular car maintenance,we've all been guilty of skipping a service or two. Sometimes you might decide to hold off on that oil change, or patch up a hole in your tire instead of purchasing a new one. While these are not the ideal routes to take, it’s understandable that convenience, time, and finance play a major part in deciding when and what car services or repairs one needs to make. There are some issues however, that you want to be sure you address directly and promptly. While that hissing noise your tire is making may seem like it can wait until the next time you go in for service; it could lead to something much worse and unsafe for you and your vehicle.

1) Oil Services: Oil changes are those little nuances in life that pop up when you have no real free time to actually get one. It’s important to make time for them however, as oil changes are essential to keeping your engine clean and preserving its overall life expectancy. Also not changing your oil can lead your engine to burning more oil than necessary, decreasing your gas mileage over time.

2) Tire Maintenance: Tire maintenance is so important to preserving the safety and gas efficiency of your vehicle. Dry rotting tires can lead to a major accident, and low tire pressure has a negative effect on your mileage. Also the condition of your tires affects your steering, the smoothness of your ride, and your ability to drive in inclement weather.

3) Fluids: Keeping your fluids topped off is a major aspect of preventative care and maintenance. Something as simple as making sure all fluid levels are filled can prevent a major issue, such as a slipping transmission, or your vehicle overheating. Consistently checking these levels and keeping a few of the major fluids on hand, (anti-freeze, transmission, motor oil, and brake fluid) can save you time and money at the repair shop in the long run.

4) Brake Inspection: How many times have you stopped at a light and heard a shrieking high pitched noise coming from your brakes? Maybe it’s more of a subtle squeak, or the aggressive sound of your rotors grinding against your brake pads? Either way, brake inspection is one area of car care that many people tend to ignore. Instead of retroactively choosing to get your brakes repaired after they've been used to their full capacity, why not schedule brake service the second you notice it’s needed? It can be quite expensive to repair an entire braking system, and it’s easier on your vehicle if brakes receive the regular TLC they deserve.

5) Scheduled Maintenance: Keeping your service appointments is the last most important part of preventative care. Scheduling regular maintenance is more cost efficient, and better for your vehicle than regular repair service. By going in for maintenance every so often, your service adviser is more likely to catch any issues that may come up in the future, or fix a problem that you hadn't noticed was there. Also scheduling service appointments are often more time efficient, as you can have several different systems serviced in one appointment. Remember, preventative care is about addressing any issues with your vehicle before it becomes a major inconvenience and headache for you. While it may seem natural to slack off on some of the aforementioned services, keeping up with this maintenance may help save thousands of dollars in the long run!