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Goblins are Spooky – Your Car Care Isn’t! Tips from Fairfax Auto Repair for Fall Car Care Month

It’s Fall Car Care Month, and the team at Fairfax Auto Repair want to remind you that paying attention to a few maintenance items now can save you a bundle down the road – and this is especially true of brakes and tires. These two absolutely vital systems should be regularly checked, but as the temperatures begin to drop, your tires can be especially affected. Contact the team here at Fairfax Auto Repair for all your ongoing car care needs, to make sure your vehicle performs all year long.

Tires and Brakes. Tires should be checked every month to make sure their pressure and tread depth are still within safe levels – and that’s doubly true in the fall. As the temperatures fall, the pressure in your tires can and do drop. To check your tread depth, use the ‘penny’ method – if the tire doesn’t touch Abe’s head, then consider new tires.

As for brakes, your pads, rotors, calipers, and fluids should be checked. If your brakes are making any noise, feeling spongy, or acting strangely at all, it is absolutely vital that you contact us. Brakes are integral to your car’s safety, so don’t let brake issues slide without having them checked out!

Here at Fairfax Auto Repair, our goal is to be a trusted source of car care information – as far as we’re concerned, every month is Car Care Month! So, if you’re wondering if your vehicle is in need of service, don’t wait for that maintenance to become an expensive repair. Contact Fairfax Auto Repair and schedule an appointment with our team today.