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Great Vehicle Gift Ideas from FAR!

Well Cyber Monday is over, so we’re sure everyone has stocked up on great gifts and presents for the holiday season, but have you thought about what your car might want? Don’t worry, that’s what FAR is for. Whether you or someone you know could use a little vehicular TLC this season, we’ve got you covered with these 10 great gift ideas from Fairfax Auto Repair.

Oil Change: may seem like a small gesture, but if you're low on cash or just need an inexpensive Secret Santa gift for the office party, why not consider treating someone to an oil change? It’s a great way to knock something off someone’s to-do list and who wouldn’t appreciate that?

After-Market Stereo System: While drivers of most newer or luxury vehicles get the benefit of great sound technology, not everyone is that fortunate. Help a friend enjoy their tunes without blowing their speakers with an after-market system. You can purchase them at most retailers such as Best Buy, Target, or Walmart and FAR will install it for you!

New Windshield Wipers: We went over the importance of replacing your wipers, especially in the winter season, but why not share that clarity with a friend? It may seem like a small gesture at first, but once FAR installs the new wipers, your loved ones will be truly happy.

Replace Their Fluids: Who said no good deed goes unpunished? If you’re stretching the bank to make the holidays a success this year, consider a simple yet kind measure such as topping off the essential fluids (e.g.,coolant, brake, transmission).

Scheduled Maintenance: The best gifts are sometimes the ones that save the recipient time and money! You can cover both of these bases by picking up the tab on the next scheduled maintenance for your friend’s vehicle.

New Tires: We’ve talked about the importance of maintaining your tires a few times in the past weeks, but we’re serious. Tire maintenance is an absolute must during the winter, and since no one really wants to buy themselves a new set of tires, why not do it for them? FAR is your one stop shop to purchase, balance, and align your new gifted tires.

Gas Card: Everyone loves free gas. Everyone. A gas card with a pre-loaded amount is probably one of the better gift ideas in recent years, and for good reason since gas is slowly creeping back near $4 per gallon.

FAR Winterization Special: Why not just take care of all the vehicle needs your loved ones will have this winter? The FAR Winterization Special features antifreeze service, battery testing, tire service, and more!

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