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How Safe is your Car?

Despite the fact that there is nothing more important than staying safe while on the road, many people overlook the steps they can take to avoid disaster.

As you attempt to answer this very important question, there are three details to focus on:

1. Car maintenance. If you don’t properly maintain our vehicle it is safe to assume that you could run into a safety related concern at some point in time. For example, when was the last time you had your brakes inspected? If your brakes need replaced or repaired, your car is not performing at its peak. Subsequently, you are increasing your chance of an accident.

2. Crash testing and highway safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has an online vehicle research center allowing you to learn more about the crash safety of each and every vehicle on the road, including yours. If your car does not stack up, based on your personal standards, now may be the time to consider trading it in.

3. Your driving habits. You can have the safest vehicle in the world, but if you take risks while driving you could find yourself in an accident soon enough. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides plenty of information on driving safety, ranging from aggressive driving to child safety among other details.

If you get the feeling that your vehicle is unsafe, regardless of the reason, contact FAR to discuss your situation and schedule an appointment. Once we take a closer look at your vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that it is in good working condition.