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How to Improve Winter Gas Mileage

We spend a lot of time talking about gas mileage on this blog during the summer months, but we’d be remiss if we neglected to mention the effect of the winter season your car’s fuel efficiency. Here in the Mid-Atlantic region, the cold weather can already be a major irritant on your vehicle. Between slick roads, snow trucks and plows, inclement weather like rain, sleet, and snow; your car is already taking a big hit against the elements. Factor in the added exertion from your engine to complete day to day tasks such as, starting and maintaining your battery, running your heat and warming your car, and added weight from traveling and shopping; and you’ll understand why the winter takes a toll on your MPG.

Not to fret, FAR has great advice on ways to stay fuel efficient this winter season, saving you more money to enjoy the holidays with loved ones!

5 Ways to Improve Your Winter Gas Mileage:

Don’t Idle Your Car: We’ve already spoken to the effect that idling your car has on your engine, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate. Nowadays, most cars don’t require idling, as the car actually warms up faster while driving.

Keep Your Car Clean: With all the heavy lifting, traveling, and shopping going on during the holiday season, it gives your engine a much larger load to work under. Clean off excess snow on your rooftop or in your truck bed after a winter storm. Make sure to de-ice your vehicle rather than drive around with extraneous weight, causing a decline in your fuel efficiency.

Winterize Your Vehicle: Since you know that winter weather wreaks havoc on your vehicle, be sure to properly prepare your car for the season. FAR's Winterization Special ensures your engine’s smooth transition into the colder months, increasing your efficiency along the way.

Service Your Battery: It’s no secret that the cold winter season will severely test your car’s battery and alternator. The harder your engine has to work to keep your car’s electrical system going, the worse it is for your mileage. Let FAR test your battery at the beginning of every season to keep you from a jumpstart this winter.

Prepare for Road Trips: This is the busiest travel season of the year, and at only halfway through the season, many more drivers will be headed out on the road. Long travel and road trip times can cause wear and tear on your vehicle, and it only worsens during the winter season. Be sure to prepare your car for these journeys; FAR offers a Trip Service special for $89.99

Don’t let the cold weather put a damper in your wallet or your gas mileage!

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