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How to Save on Gas while Driving an SUV

It is no surprise to most that SUVs can guzzle gas. Are you concerned about this? If you have an SUV and are looking for ways to save on gas, there are a few tips you can follow.

1. Change your driving style. Are you a fast, aggressive driver? Do you find yourself speeding from one traffic light to the next? By changing your on the road behavior, you will soon find your MPG numbers improving.

2. Check your air filter. This is important no matter if you drive an SUV or some other type of vehicle. A dirty and/or clogged air filter can kill your gas mileage, thus costing you more money at the pump. A new filter may be all you need in order to increase your vehicle’s gas mileage.

3. Avoid traffic jams. There are times when this is impossible. There are also times when you can make a few changes, such as adjusting your work schedule, to avoid idling in traffic for an extended period of time. SUVs are notorious for sucking gas while sitting idle.

When you follow one or more of these tips, don’t be surprised if your gas mileage improves.

Many people think twice about buying an SUV because they are worried about spending too much on gas. Furthermore, some get rid of their SUV for the same reason. If you want to drive this type of vehicle, without paying an arm and a leg at the pump, there are steps you can take.

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