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New Years Safety Tips from FAR!

Despite several efforts each year to keep the holiday as safe as possible, New Years Eve remains one of the deadliest days of the year. Factor in winter road conditions, late-night rendezvous, and many intoxicated drivers and you can begin to understand why. FAR takes a firm stance on the dangers of drinking and driving, and we hope this list of NYE safety tips will help all customers bring in the new year the right way.

Stay Safe this NYE by….

Designating a sober driver to make sure you and every one else on the road arrives to their destination.Preferably choose an adult with several years driving experience, who is comfortable driving in all weather conditions and at night. With the heavy traffic and late night driving, NYE might not be the best night to entrust to a novice driver.

Use cab or shuttle services to transport yourself and others to and from events. The best way to stay safe on NYE is to not drive at all. If you know everyone with you plans to consume alcohol, this is the best option to making a safe return home. Cab services like Uber are super popular and will pick you up regardless of your location. Also, some cities and towns offer free transportation on New Years Eve to help keep drunk drivers off the road.

Arrange a hotel stay for you and your friends on the evening of the event so no one drives home impaired. If you have room to splurge in your NYE plans for this year, why not consider reserving a hotel room for the night? It’s a great way to relieve the issue of finding a designated driver, or having a driver be distracted by the several drunk passengers riding along.

Pay Attention at Crosswalks. The hardest part of going out on NYE is playing defense against all the wild partiers and drunk drivers. If you’re driving, pay extra attention for drunk pedestrians at crosswalks, and near the entrances or exits to popular nightspots such as bars or clubs. If you’re walking, watch out for vehicles and drunk drivers. Only cross at the appropriate intersections and be sure to double-check your path before crossing the street.

To our clients, we will be closed December 23, 2013 through January 1, 2014 to spend the holidays with our families. Thank you for your continued support, have a safe and happy holiday season. The Team at Fairfax Auto Repair!!!