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Often Forgotten Rules of the Road

During your early days as a driver, you knew all the rules of the road. Over time, however, your mind starts to slip and you begin to rely more on your experience than anything else.

There are many steps you can take to remain safe on the road, but none are more important than knowing each and every rule like the back of your hand.

Here are three often forgotten rules of the road:

1. Following distance. When you first start driving, this is a rule that you probably followed every time you took to the road. And then something happened: you began to realize that you are following others entirely too closely. Do yourself a favor and back up a bit, giving yourself more time to stop should you need to do so in an a hurry.

2. Proper use of the left lane. Many people believe the left lane of a highway is for nothing more than breaking the speed limit. But guess what? This is not the case. You are only supposed to use this lane for passing others. Stay in the right lane, following the speed limit, and you will find yourself enjoying a higher level of safety.

3. Use turn signals. As important as this is, many people neglect to do so. Not because they forgot they have turn signals, but because they are too lazy to use them. The failure to properly signal can increase the chance of an accident.

Now that these three rules are once again fresh in your mind, you will find it easy to remain safer as you drive, regardless of your location or speed.

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