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Seatbelt Safety in the Summer

images-14We speak a lot on this blog about the importance of keeping your vehicle components maintained and working properly. While regular service is important for your mechanical equipment to keep the car running, it’s also important that your safety features receive care and attention to keep you and your passengers from harm. Most adults may know about having their airbags and brakes inspected, but many are not aware of that is just as vital to have their seatbelts checked out from time to time. It may not be a primary concern for drivers of newer vehicles, but many drivers do not know when it’s time to service or replace their seatbelts until it’s too late.

Seatbelts should be the most commonly used piece of safety equipment in your vehicle. Since people are killed on such a frequent basis from accidents involving faulty or no seatbelts, a certain level of attention should be given to them once every six months. If it’s necessary, ask your auto mechanic if it is time for you to have your seatbelts replaced. Reasons to replace your seatbelts are:

  • Fraying
  • Nicks and cuts
  • Daily wear and tear
  • Damage from an accident
  • Other mechanical issues

Ways to implement seat belt maintenance into your routine car care include:

  • Cleaning Seatbelts. Spray and wipe down seatbelts with a non-corrosive spray or solution.
  • Replacing Faulty Buckles Immediately. If your buckle is faulty, your safety is placed at risk whether your seatbelt cannot be properly worn, or whether it jams once inserted.
  • Check the Tension. Make sure that it is in line with standard safety procedures set forth by the automotive industry. You want to be sure that you have enough leeway to ride comfortably, but remember the function of the seatbelt is to restrain you to your seat in the event of a collision.
  • Secure the Baby Capsule Restraints. Doing so ensures that car seats are properly restrained while vehicles are in motion. This is probably the most important tip for any drivers with small children or infants. Since fitting the restraints is such a crucial job, it is imperative that a specialist is sought out for this task.

We strive to provide all our customers with the best information to ensure their safety and the safety of their vehicles. At Fairfax Auto Repair, we care just as much about your overall well being as we do the welfare of your car. Follow us all month long for our Summer Travel Safety Tips!