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Signs That Your Vehicle Needs New Shocks

It is a common misnomer that your vehicle’s shocks will last forever. If you think the time has come for new shocks, you probably have a very good reason for feeling this way.

Here are five of the top signs that your vehicle needs news shocks sooner rather than later:

1. Poor steering response, often times accompanied by noise when turning the wheel.

2. Excessive nose dive when braking, especially when doing so abruptly.

3. Uneven tire wear (cupping).

4. Vehicle leans and sways when making turns or navigating from one lane to another.

5. Excessive vehicle bounce, even on seemingly smooth roadways.

While it is a general rule of thumb, many tests have shown that most original equipment shocks wear out somewhere between 50,000 and 75,000 miles. If your odometer is in this range or has passed it a long time ago, don’t hesitate to contact us for an inspection. We can examine your shocks to give you a better idea of the current condition.

Nobody wants to replace their shocks, as this means money out of their pocket and time in the repair shop. But remember one thing: neglecting to do so could increase the chance of an accident.

It is important that every part of your vehicle be in good working condition at all times. If something goes wrong, it could lead to additional trouble while also putting you at risk of causing an accident. We offer many services, including the replacement of worn out shocks.