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Tire Buying 101:

A little known fact from the automotive industry: tires are the most important safety component of a vehicle. This may surprise some, as when most people think of their car’s safety features they picture the seatbelts, the brakes, and for some the lighting and steering systems. While these components are extremely vital in overall performance and safety, your tires are the only part of the car that actually comes in contact with the road surface, so it’s important to shop and care for them as such.

Think of your tires as the shoes of your car. While brake shoes/pads are necessary to soften the stress you put on your brakes, tires are essential to the mobility that your car needs. Just as you choose which shoes to buy based on quality, price, and function, you should view your car tires the same way.


No one likes replacing his or her tires, and most of us would like to save as much money as possible when doing so. Unfortunately, trying to cut corners (car pun!) on this expense can end up costing you later in repairs or replacements. Consider the materials, the brand, the store or distributor your purchasing from. Consistently check reviews or shop around to find out if what you’re buying is worth the sticker price. Try to give yourself time between replacements so that you can properly research your options.


Again, buying tires is a drag (we’re on a roll today), and no one wants to overpay for features they may or may not need. When purchasing tires let FAR help you compare tires. FAR will give you options of different variety of tire brands, pricing, and quality. FAR will also advise on promotions or special the manufacture is currently running. Mention this blog to receive $10 over cost per tire.


This is the most important factor in tire buying. Before you can begin comparing quality and costs, you must first decide what type of tire you need. Are you looking for all-season or winter tires? If you live in an area with heavy snow, or black ice, you may want to consider winter tires. Also pay attention to your car, sports tires will not ride the same on a sedan as they would on a coupe or sports car, large tires will not ride as smoothly on cars as they would on a truck or SUV.

Tire shopping will take a bit of patience in order for you to get the most bang for your buck. Some places don’t offer alignments causing you to make two trips into the shop. Here at FAR we can replace tires and perform your alignment with our state of the art computerized 4 wheel alignment machine. We will help you increase your tire life and fuel economy. Pay attention

to tire specials and deals, and try to plan on replacing your tires before they wear down completely and are a safety hazard. Time or not time for a tire replacement? FAR can take care of your current tire needs. Visit our website for specials on tire rotations, balancing, alignments, and repairs!