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Top 5 Spring Car Care Tips

The snow may not be gone just yet, but spring is right around the corner. Finally, you can put the cold weather in the past and begin to look forward to warmer temperatures.

While this may put a smile on your face, it goes without saying it will benefit your vehicle as well.

With the spring season almost here, below are the top 5 car care tips for this time of the year:

1. Check your battery. The cold weather may have taken its toll on your vehicle’s battery. Have it checked sooner rather than later. This is better than being stranded with a dead battery in the near future.

2. Inspect belts and hoses. Cold weather will have a negative impact on belts and hoses. Once winter is in the past, have a qualified mechanic check the condition of your vehicle’s belts and hoses.

3. Change windshield wipers. It goes without saying that these got plenty of use during the cold winter months. You may not need to change your wipers just yet, but it is well worth checking.

4. Clean the interior. Even though the cold temperatures and precipitation are outside, the interior of your vehicle will still take a beating. By the end of winter, everything from salt to mud can be found inside. Don’t let this linger for too long.

5. Clean the exterior. Did you know that road salt can eat away at your car’s paint? Give your car a good cleaning as soon as the last snow falls.

If you have any questions about getting your car ready for spring, we are here to help. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience.