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Treat Your Car for the Holidays!

It is officially the start of the holiday season, and everyone here at Fairfax Auto Repair is super excited about it. We know everyone will be busy decorating their trees, and houses, and work spaces to get in the yuletide spirit, but why not your vehicle? Turn your car into a moving decoration that highlights your festive spirit with costumes, lights, and more.

Five Car Costumes you may want to try:

1. Santa: Be unconventional, don’t hang a wreath on your grill, go with Santa instead! Those same Santa faces that are usually reserved for the front door can also be wired to the front of your car, spreading joy and cheer everywhere you go!

2. Rudolph: Everyone’s favorite reindeer is back, and now you can carry him with you on the road, lighting up your path with his red nose! amazon photo

3. On the Road to the North Pole: This may be over the top for some, but this Christmas Car Kit (will link to item on Party City site) from Party City is perfect for those looking to dive headfirst into the holiday spirit. The kit features a car flag, mirror card magnet, a 12-piece vinyl decal cling set, and "Be Merry" bumper art.

4. Festively Lit Sleigh: Turn your car into your own personal holiday sleigh by simply stringing holiday lights around the vehicle. You can string neon lights across the top of the back window, rope lights all around the contours of your Hummer or SUV! Be sure to find out what's safe and legal: not every city or state will allow this.

5. All Wrapped Up: Anybody who’s ever seen a luxury car commercial at this time of year has dreamed of waking up in the morning and seeing a new car outside wrapped up like a present. Well why not transform your current vehicle into the same nostalgic gift? Giant bows and ribbon can give your car a very classic holiday feel and also add a touch of lavishness.party city image

Be careful when driving however, these decorations are not known for holding up in traffic! Happy Holidays from all of us at FAR!