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Weather Hazards and More can Impact Your Driving – Fall Safety Tips from Fairfax Auto Repair

With Fall comes a new kind of weather, including rainstorms, frost, and other weather patterns. These weather changes can impact your safety on the roads in Fairfax, VA, so we want to make sure that you’re aware of some of the weather hazards you may face this fall and winter.

Sudden rain showers are pretty common in the fall, especially following a long, dry summer. During the summer months, grease and oil can build up on the roads, and as we all know, oil and water don’t mix. This creates the potential for an accident very easily on a cool, rainy November day. If it’s raining, even just a little, slow down, avoid hard braking, and give yourself plenty of time to stop.

Another Fall driving hazard is fog. The changing temperatures increase the likelihood of foggy mornings and evenings in November. Fog impairs your vision, obviously, but it also can muffle sound and make it difficult to judge distance. If you have to drive in fog, slow down and take care. Use your low beams in fog – your high beams will just bounce back at you, limiting your vision even more.

Shorter days mean more time using your headlights. Keep your headlights clean and clear, and make sure they are properly aligned. If your headlights look dim or uneven, replace both of the bulbs. In addition, don’t just use your headlights when it is dark. Any period of twilight, in the morning, evening, or even during an overcast afternoon, it’s a good idea to turn the headlights on to ensure that other drivers can easily see you. As a rule, if you can’t see the sun, turn your lights on.

We hope these tips help you stay safe driving in the cooler fall weather this November. Check back soon for more driving tips, and if your vehicle is in need of service, schedule an appointment at Fairfax Auto Repair today.