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What to do in a Roadside Vehicle Emergency

The thought of breaking down and being stranded in your vehicle is enough to move you to the edge of your seat. If this thought turns into reality anytime in the future, you must know what to do.

From a flat tire to a mechanical failure, you never know what will happen when you take to the road. Even if you maintain your vehicle as suggested by the manufacturer, there is no guarantee it will never breakdown.

If you find yourself in a roadside vehicle emergency, here are three tips you must follow:

1. Get off the road. You should pull as far off the road as possible, as you don’t want to leave your car in harm’s way. Things can only get worse if you remain dangerously close to traffic that is zipping by.

2. Display a distress signal. You want others to know you are in trouble. You can do this by tying a cloth or bag around your antenna, mirror, or window. Along with this, raise your hood. This will increase the chance of somebody, including police, of stopping and providing assistance.

3. Keep the doors locked. If you feel unsafe for any reason, maybe because you are on a stranded road, keep the doors locked until the appropriate help arrives.

It is better to be prepared for a roadside vehicle emergency than to assume this will never happen to you. If you are worried about the condition of your vehicle, contact us to schedule an appointment for an inspection.