Hybrid Services


We Work on Eco Friendly Cars


Fairfax Auto Repair is committed to helping protect our environment. And that means not only recycling all oils and fluids, but also taking care of your hybrid.

Hybrid drivers are motivated by many different reasons to buy a gas-electric vehicle: the environment, oil dependency, cool new technology, save time at the pump, etc. Whatever the reason, the same level of consideration should be applied to your choice of auto technician. You’re only tied to the dealership’s shop if you want to be.  Here at Fairfax Auto Repair we can help.

Fairfax Auto Repair has certified hybrid technicians. We realize that the right training, the right equipment, and the right vehicle information systems are key ingredients to providing high quality repair and maintenance services. We want you to enjoy a trouble-free hybrid experience.

Signs Your Hybrid Needs Service:

Hybrids need many of the same maintenance care that gasoline-powered vehicles do, such as filters, oil services, tires, alignment, fluids, and brakes. But hybrid vehicles also need additional care.

Here are some of the services Fairfax Auto Repair will provide:

  • Brake fluid check and brake efficiency check
  • Inverter and transmission cooling system check
  • Rear end oil change, if needed
  • High voltage battery filter check, if needed
  • High voltage connections check

All of our hybrid services meet manufacturers’ recommendations.