Proud To Be Certified Female Friendly

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  3. Proud To Be Certified Female Friendly, for years, has worked hard to revolutionize the auto repair experience for women across the country through their website and in actual automotive businesses. Here at Fairfax Auto Repair we’re pleased to be an Certified Female-Friendly Service Center!

Statistically, females are a huge driver (pun intended) when it comes to determining the family budget and spending. And while the automotive industry has come far in decades, studies still find that females can express discomfort about going into auto service centers. They can feel like a service writer or technician may not take them as seriously, and may try to take advantage.

At Fairfax Auto Repair, you’ll only find workers that are friendly to anyone (male or female), but we really want to show how much we truly care about our female customers by taking the extra step to get this certification.

Getting an seal of approval takes time and a dedicated team. Our staff went through extensive training to learn how to make female customers feel comfortable and confident when they’re bringing a vehicle in for maintenance or repair.

This isn’t just a one and done afternoon of training. Instruction is year-round, ensuring we stay on the cutting, understanding edge when any female comes into our dealership.

For more information, contact us or stop in and see our female-friendly staff