Three Reasons Why Your Engine Keeps Stalling

Few things are more frustrating than your vehicle’s engine stalling. In some cases, you can get it to start again; in other instances, it might be stalled for good. Why does your engine keep stalling? There are three primary causes of engine stalls, and Fairfax Auto Repair lists them below.

Electrical Trouble

Do you find it frustrating or exhilarating that nearly everything is electronic these days? We suppose your answer to that question might suggest your age. Those of us with a few years under our belts remember simpler times when a vehicle stalled because it needed new spark plugs. Those of us who are younger cannot wait for the next computer-driven gadget. Today’s automobiles are computer-driven gadgets, and they will stall if any part of the computer or electrical system fails. Each system has its own electrical sensor that reports operation to a main computer chip. If something goes wrong, you will get a dashboard warning light along with an engine stall depending on the problem.

Vacuum Trouble

Your car, truck, or SUV also has a comprehensive vacuum system, which is required in all combustion engines. If the system leaks vacuum pressure, your engine will likely stall. Leaks can happen when the vacuum lines, crack, disconnect, or just wear down. If you are driving a high-mileage vehicle and you notice it sputters and stalls, it could be a vacuum pressure leak. You can check to see if you notice a leak by allowing your engine to cool down completely, popping the hood, starting your car, and then listening for hissing or whistling sounds coming from the engine. These sounds come from leaking vacuum lines. If you don’t hear anything, bring your vehicle in for an inspection.

Fuel Trouble

Finally, fuel problems will definitely stall your car, truck, or SUV. Fuel system trouble could be anything from low-quality gasoline to a clogged or dead fuel pump. Your fuel system mixes fuel and air to ignite your vehicle and keep the engine running. If there is a problem with either the air intake or fuel pressure, your engine will stall. The air/fuel mixture can also cause problems if it isn’t right, as can your spark plugs or plug wires if they are worn or not connected properly. This especially holds true for vehicles that have high mileage and haven’t been maintained as they should be.

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