Five Problems That Will End Your Thanksgiving Weekend Drive

There aren’t just millions of drivers on the roads over Thanksgiving; there are tens of millions. With that many people trying to get where they need to go, it’s no wonder there are countless automobile accidents and, tragically, injuries and deaths. Fairfax Auto Repair wants your Thanksgiving to be filled with joy and good food; not problems. Here are five things to prevent on your Thanksgiving commute.

1. Auto Accident

Drive safely over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Watch your speed, avoid driving distractions, and leave in plenty of time so you aren’t rushed. If someone is driving erratically next to you, change lanes to distance yourself. Don’t let getting into an accident ruin your holiday weekend. Remain defensive in your driving and take steps, such as getting out of the way of a tailgater, to prevent an incident.

2. Overheated Engine

Have your car serviced before you leave for your trip. One of the most common problems drivers face during Thanksgiving weekend travel is overheating engines. There are more people on the road which equals traffic jams. If your engine coolant is old and dirty or low, it won’t be able to keep the engine temperature under 220 degrees Fahrenheit and your trip will end on the side of the road overheating.

3. Running Out of Gas

Keep an eye on your gas tank and stop to fill it up once it hits half-full. This might seem like overkill, but should you get stranded, you’ll need the gas. Some people lose track of everything, including how much gas they have, because they’re on a mission to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Don’t fall into this tunnel-vision driving trap. Keep your tank full so you don’t get stuck because you’re out of gas.

4. Stalled Engine

A stalled engine is a nightmare, especially if it stalls while you’re driving on the highway. If your engine stalls, flip your hazard lights on immediately and coast to safety if you can. Avoid a stalled engine by getting a tune-up before Thanksgiving is here. Replace the spark plugs if they’re old and also have the rest of the engine checked for problems, such as a clogged fuel filter, fraying belts, or cracked hoses.

5. Tire Blowout

Your tires should be checked, as well. If the tread is low, wearing down unevenly, or the tires are completely bald, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Uneven tire tread wear is a sign of an underlying problem, such as unbalanced or misaligned wheels or tire pressure troubles. Many people end up with a flat during their Thanksgiving weekend travels; don’t let yourself be one of those persons.

Call Fairfax Auto Repair in Fairfax, VA, to schedule a tune-up and tire check so you can rely on your car this Thanksgiving.

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