Diesel Engines Work Well Under Pressure

Have you ever wondered why semi-truck engines are all diesel? Have you ever asked yourself why diesel cars are so popular in Europe? The reasons for both are somewhat the same, but the bottom line is that diesel engines perform better under pressure than gasoline engines do. This is why the newer, more sustainable versions of these engines are becoming more popular in the States and throughout the world. Fairfax Auto Repair services diesel engines of all types. Here are some advantages they carry.

Superior Energy Density Produces More Power

Fuels come with different densities. Diesel fuel is higher in energy density than gasoline is, which means it can produce more power with less fuel. One reason why diesel engines are so popular in Europe is that they are more economical. Gasoline is expensive in Europe, sometimes as high as $10 per gallon. A diesel engine lasts longer on a full tank of diesel fuel than a gasoline engine because the engine can use less fuel yet produce more power. The higher the energy density, the less fuel burned, so you’ll get more miles between fill-ups if you drive a diesel automobile instead of a gasoline one.

This Does Not Reduce the Engine’s Power

It might seem hard to believe, but diesel engines still produce more torque, i.e., power, even though they use less fuel. These engines use high compression to, for example, get an 80,000-pound semi-truck going from a stopped position. Even though these engines can compete with hybrids for fuel efficiency, they still produce amazing power to get you going from a stopped position more quickly than a gasoline engine can. You’ll also get more power response when you step on the accelerator to pick up speed. These engines are built to produce power, torque, and get-up-and-go, no matter how heavy the vehicle.

It Also Doesn’t Harm the Engine

Energy-dense fuel, more power, higher compression; surely a diesel engine could never last as long as a gasoline engine does, but guess what? It lasts longer if well cared for. Because these engines use high compression and excess heat to generate enough power for a fully-loaded semi-truck and trailer, they are built to last. These engines are tougher than gasoline engines; able to withstand extreme temperatures and demands. Mercedes-Benz holds the record for engine life. One of their vehicles lasted 900,000 miles. Can you imagine having a car that long? Truly amazing!

Now, we here at Fairfax Auto Repair are not suggesting that you go out and trade in your car for a diesel unless you want to. We service gasoline engines, too, in our Fairfax, VA, shop. Whether you drive a diesel or gasoline automobile, schedule your next service by contacting us today.

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Photo by LemonTreeImages from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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