Fairfax Auto Repair Can Fix Your Diesel Engine

Look no further than Fairfax Auto Repair for all of your diesel engine service and repair needs. Our certified technicians are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to diesel engines. We fix common diesel engine problems all the time. We are going to list these common problems below. Diesel engines are known for their longevity, so make sure you take care of yours so you can get the most mileage out of it. See if you can break the record of 900,000 miles.

Problems Starting the Engine

If you drive a diesel, you know that they crank a few times before they start. This being said, the number one sign that a diesel engine has not been maintained properly is difficulty starting the engine. This can be an indication that the glow plugs need to be replaced. If you are having difficulties getting your diesel engine started, bring your vehicle to our shop so we can take care of any overdue maintenance.

Noticeable Power Loss

Your diesel engine may also start to lose power if the fuel filter is clogged or there is buildup on the fuel injectors. Diesel engines also suffer from a lack of power if they are lubricated excessively. Another thing that might cause your diesel engine to lag and sputter is a loose throttle linkage. We can inspect the engine to see why it keeps losing power and repair the problem.

Contaminated Diesel Fuel

One of the benefits of driving a diesel automobile is that they get excellent fuel mileage. This is because the diesel fuel is thicker than gasoline and energy-dense. This means the fuel produces more power per gallon. It also means that its thickness opens it up to contamination. If the fuel gets contaminated and makes its way into the engine, it will damage the engine.

Excessive Black Exhaust

You can also tell that your diesel engine has a fuel-related problem if you see a ton of black exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe. This means that there is more fuel than air in the combustion chamber. You may have cracked fuel injectors that are releasing excess fuel into the chamber or a clogged air filter that is blocking air inflow. You may also have a faulty turbocharger.

Finally, if your diesel engine is unusually loud or making unusual noises, bring your vehicle to Fairfax Auto Repair in Fairfax, VA, right away. We will inspect the engine thoroughly to determine what is causing it to make the strange noises.

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