How Do I Know My Muffler is Bad?

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is complex and can take time and money to repair. Despite the inconvenience, ignoring problems with this area will only create more damage and lead to greater financial commitment. If you know the signs of a damaged muffler, you can hopefully catch issues early and limit negative fallout. Here are the most common symptoms your muffler needs help:


Regular visual inspections of your vehicle’s systems will help you spot signs of distress. To check the muffler, you’ll first need to raise the car (with a jack) so you can get a closer look. If you see significant rust or any holes, both mean this muffler is in bad shape. Also, if you notice any water dripping from the muffler, you should have a professional take a look.


Outside the rumble of the engine, healthy cars shouldn’t make much sound. If they do, it generally means something needs attention. That said, a faulty muffler can sound like a roaring pack animal, whereas a functional one simple runs in the background. Also, if you notice sudden rattling noises, it could mean this component has broken or become loose.


Although cars run hot, if you turn on the engine for a few minutes and notice the temperature rising rapidly, it could point to a damaged muffler. In fact, muffler issues can sometimes lead to an overheated engine.


Since the exhaust system funnels fumes away from the vehicle, a damaged one can cause them to retreat inside the car. This issue poses extreme danger, so if you smell strong exhaust odors inside the vehicle, have it towed to the nearest shop as soon as possible.

Fuel Economy

True, decreased gas mileage can mean one of many things has gone wrong, but one option is a bad muffler. So if you notice you’ve been heading to the pump more frequently, pay attention to any other signs this part is in distress. Paired with other symptoms, low fuel economy can mean bad news for your car’s exhaust system.

Final Thoughts

A well-functioning muffler should operate under the radar. So, if your senses tell you otherwise, this system needs maintenance. Not only that, service needs to be handled sooner rather than later, as neglecting the problem can increase the damage and cost of repairs.

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