Is Your Vehicle Having Electrical Issues? It Could Be the Alternator

Anytime you notice your lights starting to dim or that your vehicle’s electrical system is becoming less and less powerful, your first instinct is probably to blame the battery. The truth is, your alternator could be the culprit. Your alternator is supplies power to your vehicle’s various electrical systems as well as charging your battery while your vehicle is running. If your alternator is acting up, Fairfax Auto Repair is here to help, and that starts with teaching you the signs that your alternator is going out.

Warning Light

You know that your dashboard is full of available warning lights. The one you need to look for when it comes to your alternator is either shaped like a battery or has the letters “ALT” or “GEN.” When this light comes on, your vehicle is telling you that there is an electrical problem. Don’t worry, just bring your car to Fairfax Auto Repair for an electrical system inspection.

Dimming Lights

Just because your lights are on, doesn’t mean that they are receiving enough power to function correctly. If the alternator is not delivering enough power your lights will noticeably dim. This doesn’t just apply to your headlights, but to all interior, exterior, and dashboard lights.

Battery Issues

Charging your battery is a big part of your alternator’s job and if it isn’t performing properly, your battery will not be able to power your car, even with a jumpstart. Repairing or replacing your alternator will get your battery charged and functioning again.

Burning Rubber Smell

Anytime you notice a burning smell in your car or under the hood, it is a problem. And not one that should be ignored. The alternator uses belts to generate friction, producing electricity. Sometimes those belts overheat and create a burning rubber smell.

New Noises or Sounds

Just like other components and systems in your car, your alternator relies on various parts to create electricity. When these parts are damaged or start to malfunction, you may hear whining or grinding noises.

Other SIgns of Trouble

Anytime you suspect there is an issue with your alternator, we don’t recommend putting it off. There is a good chance that all it needs is a quick and easy repair. That’s where Fairfax Auto Repair comes in. Our family-owned auto repair shop is proud to provide Fairfax, VA, drivers with a comprehensive range of automotive maintenance and repair services. Call us today to schedule your next appointment.

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