My Engine Is Overheating and Growling at Me!

It’s time to replace the water pump if the engine is overheating and growling at you. We will talk more about these symptoms of a bad water pump below. We are Fairfax Auto Repair, and we are the only auto service shop you need. We service and repair all makes and models of vehicles and are staffed with experienced and certified technicians. Let’s talk about the signs of a faulty water pump in this post.

Corrosion On the Pump

The water pump in your automobile should last about 10 years. After this time, it may develop a slow leak. The coolant will seep out of the water pump and pool against it. When this happens, the liquid starts to corrode the pump. Unfortunately, the pump will rust and the rust will eat through the metal. Failing to replace the pump when it has a slow leak causes the pump to develop a large leak.

Leaking Engine Coolant

When this happens, you will back out of your garage and see coolant on the floor. This can be frustrating because it’s not a good idea to drive your automobile if it is leaking enough engine coolant that you see spots or puddles. This reduces the coolant that is found in the engine and increases its temperature. Never drive your automobile if it is overheating. You can damage the engine irreparably.

Reduced/No Circulation

Another thing that will cause the engine to overheat is a reduction in the coolant’s circulation throughout it. This can happen if the water pump is malfunctioning because the water pump is the part that circulates the coolant. In severe cases, the water pump may die and you won’t have any coolant circulating through the engine. Your engine will overheat very quickly if this is the case.

Noises in the Engine

Sometimes, the water pump will send you an audible warning that it is going bad. You will hear strange noises in the engine coming from the front of it. The noise, as indicated in this blog post’s title, often sounds like growling. It may also sound like grinding. Another thing that can cause the water pump to malfunction and a strange noise is a loose accessory belt. It will squeal.

Overheating Engine

Finally, all of the above is going to make your engine overheat. In order for the engine to run at a normal temperature, it needs a functioning water pump circulating the coolant.

Fairfax Auto Repair in Fairfax, VA, can help, so give us a call today if you believe your vehicle has a problem with the water pump.

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