Anti-Lock Brake Service and Diagnostics

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If you are asked to pick one system that means the most to your driving safety, you would probably choose your brakes. It does not matter what kind of car, truck or SUV you drive or what the weather conditions are – when you cannot stop safely, nothing else really matters.

The good news is that braking technology has come a long way over the decades. Early automobiles were notorious for braking problems, and runaway situations were not uncommon. Over the years, things improved a great deal, with modern disc and drum brakes taking over from those earlier components. Now anti-lock brakes are commonplace, keeping Fairfax area drivers even safer behind the wheel.

Special Care for Special Brakes

Chances are the vehicle you drive is equipped with anti-lock brakes, and that can make driving on wet roadways and icy highways both safer and easier. When you step on the brakes, the ABS system takes over, pumping the pedal far faster and far more accurately than you could on your own.

But those special brakes require equally special care, and that is where Fairfax Auto Repair comes in. We are your anti-lock brake experts in the Fairfax area, and you can rely on us for quality repairs, excellent diagnosis and all the service you need to stay safe behind the wheel.

An Array of Sensors

The anti-lock braking system in your vehicle is not one thing – the systems actually consists of dozens of components, all working together to provide the stopping power you need, especially in wet and icy conditions. All of these components must work seamlessly together, and the failure of a single one could lengthen your stopping time or even send you into a dangerous skid.

Your anti-lock braking system relies on a series of sophisticated sensors, including special sensors on each wheel. If these sensors are not working the way they should, the ABS light on your dashboard will illuminate, and you should not ignore that early warning sign.

Expert Diagnostics for Anti-Lock Braking Systems

If your ABS light is on, just bring your vehicle to Fairfax Auto Repair for the expert diagnosis you need. Anti-lock braking systems can be notoriously difficult to diagnose, but we use state of the art equipment to make the process easier and more accurate.

Once we know what is wrong, we will provide you with a detailed report, along with recommended repairs to keep you safer. Our automotive technicians are anti-lock brake experts, and we stand behind the service we provide. So the next time you are having trouble stopping, just give us a call or make an appointment for all your anti-lock brake needs. When you need the best anti-lock brake service and repair in Fairfax, VA, you need Fairfax Auto Repair.


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