Battery Replacement and Service

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Every driver has experienced that sinking feeling at one time or another. You get in your vehicle, turn the key, and are greeted by only silence. When your vehicle will not start, your entire day comes to a screeching halt. Suddenly you are left wondering how you will get to work, how the kids will get to school, and how you will run the dozens of errands you have waiting. It may be time for a battery replacement at Fairfax Auto Repair.

In a perfect world, your vehicle’s battery would last forever, and you would never have to worry about a replacement. In the real world, even the most expensive battery has a limited lifespan, and when that useful life is over, you are running and starting, on borrowed time.

How Old is Your Battery?

Automotive batteries are rated in months of service, with the typical battery rated at between 36 and 48 months of service. That means you can expect to replace your battery, on average, every three or four years.

Do you know how old your battery is? Do you remember the last time you bought a new battery or even thought about the one under the hood? If the answer is no, it is time to check your battery – and get it replaced if necessary.

Check the Sticker

If you want to know how old your battery is or how it is rated, just open the hood and look at the sticker. Your battery should have a sticker on the front or side, designated with a month and year.

This designation tells you when your battery was installed, and the markings on the case show you the rating in terms of months. All you need to do is a simple calculation to determine if your battery is still going strong – or if it is time for a replacement.

Quality Battery Replacements Done Fast

If it is time for a new battery, just bring your vehicle to Fairfax Auto Repair or make an appointment today. We have access to a wide range of automotive batteries, so you can make your selection with confidence. We will even help you choose the right battery based on the vehicle you own and the type of driving you do.

Even if you think your battery is still going strong, we can check it for you, giving you extra peace of mind and confidence behind the wheel. Our diagnostic equipment will test your battery for strength, and we will let you know if you can rely on its remaining life. Just bring your vehicle to us, let us check your battery, and drive away with confidence. And if it needs to be replaced, we offer the best battery replacement service in Fairfax and the surrounding area.


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