Fuel Economy Inspection

If you have driven by a gas station lately, you know that the price of fuel has been going nowhere but up. With oil prices on the rise and the geopolitical situation constantly unstable, the cost of a gallon of gas is not likely to drop any time soon.

Given that increasingly expensive and unstable background, the cost of filling up your tank can quickly become a burden. Maybe that has already happened to you and your family. Maybe it will in the future. It does not matter – what does matter is that you squeeze the maximum number of miles out of every precious gallon of fuel you put in your tank.

Has Your Mileage Dropped Recently?

As a driver in the Fairfax area, you should track your fuel economy carefully, doing the calculation every time you fill up the tank. Hopefully you have been doing this all along, carefully tracking your fuel economy and looking for problems along the way.

If you have done this, you may have noticed a recent drop in your fuel economy. A decrease in fuel economy is always cause for concern, and not only because it drains more dollars out of your wallet.

A decrease in fuel economy for no discernible reason could mean there is hidden damage to your engine, exhaust system and other critical components. If your mileage has decreased and you do not know why, you need to bring your vehicle in for an inspection, and your friends at Fairfax Auto Repair are always here to help.

Fuel Economy Inspection

Our exclusive fuel economy inspection is designed to uncover efficiencies, pinpoint problems and help you squeeze more miles out of every gallon of fuel you put in your tank. At Fairfax Auto Repair, we know exactly what to look for, and we will start by looking at the most common fuel efficiency problems.

A blocked or dirty fuel filter could be too blame, draining efficiency from your engine and causing you to use more fuel than you should. We will check the filter, replace it if needed, and continue with our inspection.

A number of other things can cause problems with your fuel efficiency, including fouled or dirty spark plugs. Sometimes a simple tune-up can increase your fuel efficiency considerably, saving you money in the long run and helping your car run better in the process. If we think your car could benefit from a tune-up, we will tell you, and you can make the call. Either way, our fuel economy inspection can give you peace of mind and help you get the most for your money.


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