Interior and Exterior Lighting Replacement

From the most expensive luxury car to the most affordable basic transportation, every car is equipped with interior and exterior lighting. Those lights are designed for safety, and for the comfort of the driver.

The failure of a headlight could harm your ability to drive safely, especially after dark. The loss of a turn signal could cause a devastating rear-end collision when the driver behind you does not understand your intentions. The loss of a brake light could also trigger a rear-end crash, and possibly even a chain reaction accident.

With your safety on the line, you cannot afford to ignore problems with your lights. It is important to check the operation of all your exterior lights, from the headlights to the turn signals to the brake lights, every time you check and top off your fluid levels. If you have problem, just bring your vehicle to Fairfax Auto Repair for the service you need.

Lighting Experts in the Fairfax Area

At Fairfax Auto Repair, we are your automotive lighting experts in the area. We understand the complex network of lights that come with modern vehicles, and we know where to look when something goes wrong.

Some lighting problems are simple, like a burned out bulb or blown fuse. Others are much more complicated, encompassing multiple components and requiring multiple fixes. At Fairfax Auto Repair, no problem is too simple or too complicated – when you bring your car in, we will find the problem fast, get it fixed and send you on your way.

How Are Your Headlights?

Chances are you do not spend much time thinking about your headlights, at least until they stop working. There is nothing worse than having your headlights go out on a dark night, or losing your ability to see the road ahead just when you need it most.

The loss of a headlight may be obvious, but there are other, more subtle, problems that you may be missing. Over time, the aiming of your headlights could be compromised, putting your safety at risk and blinding oncoming drivers. Even if you think your headlights are working fine, it never hurts to have them checked.

At Fairfax Auto Repair, we can check your headlights, including their aim and illumination. Over time, your headlights can get subtly dimmer, reducing your ability to drive safely after dark. Having your headlights checked and fixed now can give you peace of mind – and restore your nighttime driving safety.


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