Specialized in European Car Repair

The European continent is known as the cradle of vehicle development, and for good reason. European carmakers honed their skills in the real world, and on racetracks around the world. That trial by fire created some of the best and most iconic vehicles ever made, and the development continues to this day.

If you own one of these European beauties, you already know how the combination of innovation, attention to detail and high quality standards works to create a truly great driving machine. As a European car owner, you also know how hard it can be to find the quality service you need.

Specialty Repairs for European Makes and Models

Finding a quality repair shop for your European vehicle is no easy task, but Fairfax Auto Repair has the expertise and experience needed to get the job done. Not every repair shop has the ability to repair European vehicles, but we do.

Our technicians have decades of combined experience with all European makes and models, including specialty manufacturers like Saab and Smart. We have a deep understanding of European vehicles and how they work, and we bring our expertise to bear on every repair we make.

The Right Diagnosis

At Fairfax Auto Repair, we have made a significant investment in the right diagnostic equipment. Our investment has paid off, and it has allowed us to expertly diagnose even the most complex problems.

More importantly, our diagnostic equipment has been designed with the needs of the European car owner in mind. Not every diagnostic machine is compatible with European makes and models, but ours are. We can diagnose problems with most European makes and models, providing valuable insight into what is happening inside your vehicle.

Quality Repairs and Convenient Service

Once we have made a definitive diagnosis, the certified technicians at Fairfax Auto Repair will get to work, developing a list of recommended repairs and keeping you informed every step along the way. We will let you know exactly what is wrong – and what it will take to make it right.

We have experience fixing all kinds of problems, and we are not intimidated by European vehicles. No problem is too complex, and you can rely on us for the expert repairs your vehicle needs. From major engine repair and transmission replacement to suspension and steering issues, Fairfax Auto Repair can handle whatever your European vehicle throws at us. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and we are proud to stand behind our work. If you need help with your European vehicle, you have come to the right place.


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