Starting and Charging Diagnosis

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When your car refuses to start, nothing else really matters. Suddenly you are faced with some serious issues – like how to get to work, how the kids will get to school and how you will run the dozens of errands on your daily agenda. If you head out to the driveway, turn the key and hear only silence, you have a big problem on your hands.

Starting problems are all too common, and they run the gamut. From a car that refuses to start all the time to intermittent starting problems that can be even more troubling, these issues can have many different causes.

Getting the Right Diagnosis

If your car is having trouble starting, either all the time or once in awhile, you need to find out what the issue is, and you need to do it right away. At Fairfax Auto Repair, we can provide the quality diagnosis you need, so you can address your starting problem now, before it has a chance to get worse.

Some starting problems are relatively easy to diagnose and repair. Things like a dead battery can be resolved in a matter of minutes, while others issues will take longer to isolate and repair. That is why Fairfax Auto Repair uses state of the art diagnostic equipment to find the starting issue fast and get it fixed just as quickly.

How Old is Your Battery?

If you want your car to start every time and get you where you are going, you need to pay close attention to your battery. Every automotive battery, even the most expensive, has only a limited lifespan, and that anticipated life is expressed in terms of months.

So do yourself a favor – lift the hood and take a look at the sticker on your battery, then do the calculation to see how many more months your battery has left. If your battery is nearing the end of its useful life, just bring it to Fairfax Auto Repair for a timely replacement. We have a full line of batteries, so we can get you on your way fast.

Do You Need a New Starter?

The battery is not the only point of failure in your starting system. The premature failure of your starter could also leave you stranded, and you do not want that to happen.

At Fairfax Auto Repair, we can test your starter to make sure it is still working the way it should. If we detect a problem, we can replace the starter, so you know your car will start every time you turn the key.