Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Safety experts recommend that drivers check their tire pressure every time they gas up their cars, but they also concede that the majority of drivers fail to take that step. Most drivers check their tire pressure at irregular intervals – or not at all.

That is probably why so many vehicle manufacturers have designed sophisticated safety systems, ones that constantly monitor the air pressure in each tire and sound an audible alarm if the pressure drops too low. If your car is relatively new, it probably comes with one of these tire pressure monitoring systems, and that can enhance your safety behind the wheel.

Double-Check Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If the vehicle you drive is equipped with an automatic tire pressure monitoring system, it is easy to rely on that system alone. You may simply assume that the tire pressure readings are always accurate, and that you do not have anything to worry about.

Even so, it is important to double check your automated tire pressure readings from time to time, making sure they are totally accurate. Comparing the automated tire pressure readings with the ones on your gauge will give you extra peace of mind and keep you safer behind the wheel.

Expert Diagnosis for Complex Systems

Even the most basic tire pressure monitoring system is a sophisticated piece of engineering. These systems rely on dozens of individual components, including sensors on the wheels and readouts on the display. The failure of a single component could reduce the accuracy of the entire system, and when something goes wrong, you need the right diagnosis.

At Fairfax Auto Repair, we have invested heavily in our diagnostic equipment, and that investment pays off every time we work on one of our customer’s vehicles. We will start with a full top to bottom diagnosis, so we can pinpoint the problem and make recommendations for the repairs you need.

Quality Repairs You Can Trust

Once we know what is wrong and why your tire pressure monitoring system is not working properly, we will continue with the repairs you need. We know that all successful repairs start with the right diagnosis, and we will work hard to set things right.

The expert technicians at Fairfax Auto Repair have decades of combined experience, so you can rely on our repairs. We stand behind all the work we do, so you can drive away with confidence in the tire pressure readings on your screen.


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