Transmission Fluid Service

There are many complex systems and components in your vehicle, but none is as important as the transmission. From the simplest manual transmission to the most sophisticated modern automatic, every transmission relies on quality fluid to keep it shifting smoothly.

Oil may be the lifeblood of your engine, but fluid is the lifeblood of your transmission. If the transmission fluid is clean and clear, your transmission stays protected, and you can enjoy many more miles of trouble-free performance. If you allow the transmission fluid to get dirty or otherwise compromised, the delicate components inside the transmission are put at risk, and that could end with a catastrophic breakdown and a big repair bill.

Check Your Transmission Fluid

Fairfax area drivers can tell a great deal about the health of their transmissions by examining the fluid on the dipstick, but it is important to do the check the right way. Start by parking your car on a flat surface, then turn off the ignition and open the hood.

Find the transmission fluid dipstick – it is often yellow or red in color, then slowly pull it out. Give the fluid a good sniff – it should smell fresh and clean, with no burnt aroma. If the fluid smells burnt, you should make an appointment with Fairfax Auto Repair to have your transmission checked.

What Color is Your Fluid?

You can tell a lot from the color of your transmission fluid as well. If your transmission is in good shape, the fluid should be bright red in color, with no flecks of brown or black.

If you notice any discoloration or see flecks of metal in the fluid, you need to have your vehicle serviced right away. Flecks of metal in the transmission could be indications of a serious problem, and discoloration could also mean an issue with the transmission.

Fluid Flushes and Fills

You change your engine oil regularly, but you also need to have your transmission fluid flushed and filled at the recommended intervals. The intervals vary from vehicle to vehicle, so check your owner’s manual, then bring your car, truck or SUV to Fairfax Auto Repair for the service you need.

Flushing and filling the transmission fluid is not as simple as an oil change, and performing this maintenance the wrong way could do more harm than good. That is why Fairfax Auto Repair uses the best and most modern equipment to completely remove the old fluid from your transmission. Then we change the filter and fill the transmission with brand new fluid, so you can enjoy many more trouble-free miles.


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