Windshield Service

Is your windshield cracked? Is there a tiny starburst at the bottom of the windshield, or a hairline fracture that just seems to grow and grow? If so, you need to have your windshield fixed now, before that automotive glass fails and puts your safety at risk.

Windshield damage is all too common a problem, and too many drivers ignore it until it compromises their safety and the safety of other Fairfax area drivers. Whatever the original cause of the windshield damage, the time to get it fixed is now. At Fairfax Auto Repair, we can address your windshield problem now, before it gets worse and puts you in danger.

Help for Hairline Cracks

Windshield damage often starts in small ways, often with tiny hairline cracks that are easy to miss. That is why it is important to check your windshield for cracks and other damage on a regular basis.

The next time you get gas, take a few minutes to check your windshield for damage. If you detect any problems, just give Fairfax Auto Repair a call or make an appointment. We can make those minor repairs while you wait, and you will drive off with a newly fixed windshield – and a safer car.

Working with Your Insurance Company

If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your car insurance policy, it may pay for your needed windshield repairs. If you are unsure what is covered, just give your agent a call or go online.

At Fairfax Auto Repair, we will be happy to work with your insurance company, so you can get the benefits you deserve and pay less in the long run. If your repair is fully covered, we can take care of filing the claim. If the coverage is partial, we will let you know how much the repairs will cost and make arrangements for payment. In the end, you will have a safer ride and greater peace of mind behind the wheel.

Full Windshield Replacement

Some windshield problems, like small hairline cracks and small starbursts, can be fixed without a full replacement. Other issues, like significant damage, will likely require a complete replacement of your windshield. Either way, Fairfax Auto Repair is your windshield expert in the region.

If your windshield does need a total repair, we can make all the arrangements, so you can rest easy and enjoy greater convenience. We will complete the repair fast, test it and guarantee the repairs, so you can drive away with confidence.


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