Six Indications Your Engine Is Leaking Vacuum Pressure

Call Fairfax Auto Repair right away to schedule an appointment for your automobile if it is having any of the six problems listed below. These problems are signs that your engine has developed a leak in one of the vacuum hoses. This can create problems while you drive your automobile.

1. Poor Engine Performance

One of the first things a vacuum leak will do is affect your engine’s performance. Unfortunately, it will reduce the performance because it will fill the combustion chamber with air. When this happens, it becomes difficult for the engine to produce combustion and it will sputter and lag.

2. Reduction in Fuel Economy

As if the performance problems were not enough, you will also see a noticeable reduction in your vehicle’s fuel economy. The engine performance problems are what cause the poor gas mileage. Unfortunately, you will need to get the vacuum leak fixed in order to restore your fuel economy.

3. High or Erratic Engine RPMs

Another thing a vacuum leak will do is increase your engine’s RPMs. If you look at your tachometer and see the needle registering higher than normal, the vacuum pressure leaking from the hose is causing the problem. The needle may also bounce up and down if the RPMs are erratic because of the leak.

4. Strange Noises in the Engine

Strange noises in the engine point to a vacuum leak if they are hissing or suction. The former noise is an indication that you have a minor vacuum leak in the engine. The latter is a sign that the vacuum hose is leaking severely. Replacing the hose will prevent the strange noises and improve your engine’s performance.

5. Malfunctioning Components

You may also start to have problems with your power steering if your engine is leaking vacuum pressure. This is because the power steering pump uses this pressure for power. Unfortunately, malfunctioning components can be associated with a leaking vacuum hose due to the loss of vacuum pressure.

6. Check Engine Warning Light

Finally, all of the above can trigger the engine control module to turn on the check engine light. This is because it receives error codes from system sensors. The poor engine performance alone can trigger malfunctions that will upset the system sensors.

Call Fairfax Auto Repair in Fairfax, VA, today if you are concerned that your engine might have a vacuum leak. We will inspect the vacuum hoses and replace any leaking ones.

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Photo by Bigtunaonline Getty Images via Canva Pro

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