Thank You First Responders and Military Personnel

The importance of the work that first responders and our nation’s military personnel do have been in the spotlight recently. Where would we be as a nation without the bravery and dedication of those who fight for our freedom, health, and safety? Fairfax Auto Repair believes first responders and military personnel deserve special treatment, which is why we offer them discounts on our automotive service and repairs. This is just one way we can thank them for their service.

First Responders

Firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, police officers, and medical personnel (including non-medical hospital and clinic support staff) have never been busier or more at risk as the nation fights COVID-19 outbreaks. These people are on the frontlines of the most dangerous situations, including being exposed to this deadly pandemic every day and fighting wildfires, which have increased in severity over the last decade. Imagine the last time you called 9-1-1 or had to go into the emergency room or an urgent care facility. These people save lives and protect us 24/7. They deserve our gratitude.

Military Personnel

It’s frightening to think about where we would be without the protection of our nation’s military. Imagine what could’ve happened had our brave men and women not served in past wars. What about the wars that remain ongoing, including the conflicts in the Middle East. Every day, military personnel risk life and limb to ensure the United States of America remains a free country, and they deserve thanks and respect beyond anything we can reasonably express. We tend to take our freedom for granted because for those of us born and raised here, it’s all we’ve known.

Ways to Say Thank You

As we mentioned above, we say thank you to our first responders and military personnel by offering discounted automotive services. You can say thank you, too, in many different ways. For example, let your local police and fire departments know you appreciate them by sending them a card or letter. Take treats into the local stations for them to enjoy, and don’t forget about the ambulance stations if they’re independent. Let your hospitals know you appreciate them by supporting needed funding.

There are also organizations that send care packages to military personnel overseas and help veterans no longer serving in the armed forces. It’s especially important to make sure veterans who have been wounded while serving have everything they need, including automotive services, so if you have served or are serving in the military or are a first responder, call Fairfax Auto Repair in Fairfax, VA, for all of your automotive service needs.

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