The Best Phone Apps for Road Trips

Fall and winter are huge travel seasons. Between holiday gatherings and cross-country adventures, there’s a solid chance you’ll spend significant time in your car before spring. Thus, to help with everything from planning to navigation, here’s a guide to the handiest apps for your smartphone.


This free app (for Android and iOS) gives users real-time data regarding traffic conditions, including reports on accidents, road hazards and speed traps. More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to report any incidents you see that aren’t already documented.

Android Auto

If you have an Android, this app will help you navigate (with Google Maps), play music, send messages, or answer your phone. All it takes is mounting your device on a lock or cradle, and a simple interface (with voice commands) displays to do the work for you.


Also free with Android and iOS, GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas stations near you. Best of all, since it relies on user reports, you receive points–that make you eligible for prizes (like free gas)–for updating prices along the way.


This app for Android and iOS costs $2.99 per month and lets you plan for any tolls (along bridges, roadways and tunnels) during your trip. You can even create profiles for different vehicles to calculate vehicle-based rates. With this app, digging under your seat last minute to find quarters will be a thing of the past.


Like TollSmart, but free, this app lets Android and iOS users calculate tolls beforehand. Along with estimating rates, TollGuru will help you calculate the cheapest routes and even estimates gas usage based on your vehicle.


For another free option for Android and iOS, try iExit. This handy app saves you from crossing four lanes of traffic to make an emergency pit-stop. Displaying upcoming exits and focusing on any business you search for (gas stations, restaurants, ATMs), it lets you plan your exits for optimal safety. With its onscreen maps, you can also check gas prices, look for truck sites or campgrounds, and find amenities (like Wi-Fi and clean bathrooms).


Helpful for vehicle maintenance beyond road trips, this free app for Android and iOS provides a car maintenance log. After logging in, you can track odometer readings, fuel consumption, and regular vehicle maintenance needs. It also lets you find cheap gas and set reminders for vehicle service.


Perfect for anyone who tracks mileage for business trips or tax reasons, this free app for Android and iOS uses your device’s motion sensors and GPS to auto-log all trips (with destinations, map data, and exportable reports and spreadsheets).

Thanks to these convenient and inexpensive apps, your next road trip can be all fun and no hassle.

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