Used-Car, Pre-Purchase Inspections Avoid Mistakes

Many people opt to purchase used cars. Today’s used cars can be in much better shape than they used to be. Still, it’s a good idea to have a pre-purchase inspection when you’re looking at a used car to make sure buying it won’t be a mistake. Fairfax Auto Repair offers our customers pre-purchase vehicle inspections because we want you to have complete peace of mind in your used car purchase.

Car Histories Don’t Tell the Whole Story

You see the commercials on TV all the time, just check out the car history to learn all you need to know about a used vehicle. If only this were true. Yes, the histories do help paint a picture, but they don’t always paint a complete one. Not everything that happens to a vehicle is reported or logged. A car history report should only be a part of all the things you should consider before buying a used car.

Vehicle Inspections Add to the Story

One of the primary reasons why we recommend you have a pre-purchase inspection done on a used car is the professional and diagnostic checks can reveal hidden damage that is normally invisible to a layperson’s naked eye. Automotive professionals can see if a car, truck, or SUV’s body has been previously damaged and repaired, for example. We can also see if the repairs were good or shoddy.

Damage to the vehicle’s frame or caused by a fire or a flood can be hidden from a potential buyer, but a professional pre-purchase inspection seeks to find these things, so you know the whole story, including any damage the seller doesn’t want you to know about. This gives you the knowledge you need to make an educated decision rather than a mistake. Hidden damage isn’t the only concern, however.

Verification Is the Final Piece

Let’s say that you have the used-car’s history and a pre-purchase inspection has confirmed that the vehicle does not have any unreported damage. The last piece of the puzzle is the vehicle’s condition – its entire condition. A pre-purchase inspection checks the automobile from top to bottom to make sure everything is in good shape and operational. All systems, components, and parts are in good shape.

Once we’re done inspecting your potential new-to-you car, Fairfax Auto Repair in Fairfax, VA, will let you know whether repairs are in order or the vehicle is good to go. Call us today to schedule a pre-purchase inspection for the used car you want to buy. Our number is 703-822-5911.

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