Service and Repair of Lincoln Vehicles

Ever since the first Lincoln rolled into an American showroom, the nameplate was synonymous with success. Owning a Lincoln meant that you had arrived, and that you were at the top of your field.

That image continues to this day, and the Lincoln nameplate remains one of the top vehicles on the market. Lincoln owners still love their cars, and they revel in the status these iconic vehicles can provide. If you own a Lincoln vehicle, you know how special these vehicles are, and you also know how important it is to seek out the right service center.

Expert Repairs for Lincoln Owners

When your Lincoln vehicle needs repaired, you deserve the best repairs available, and that is what Fairfax Auto Repair has to offer. Our automotive repair technicians are true Lincoln experts, and they know what it takes to fix your car right the first time.

Finding a Lincoln expert in the Fairfax area is not always easy. Despite the many repair shops in the region, not everyone has the expertise or the experience needed to diagnose and fix these iconic American beauties. When you bring your Lincoln to Fairfax Auto Repair, you can rely on our recommendations, and our state of the art diagnostic equipment is second to none.

The Right Repairs Start with a Definitive Diagnosis

Speaking of diagnostic equipment, Fairfax Auto Repair is proud to have the best around. We have made a significant investment in our diagnostic equipment, so you can rely on our repair recommendations.

When you bring your Lincoln vehicle to us, we will start with a comprehensive diagnosis, from interpreting the codes on your computer to printing a list of recommended repairs. Then we work with you, the Fairfax area Lincoln owner, to develop a repair plan that is affordable, convenient and easy to understand.

Preventative Maintenance to Make Your Lincoln Last Longer

Lincoln vehicles are known for their legendary reliability, but without the right maintenance you could end up with a big repair bill. If you want your vehicle to last as long as possible and stay on the road longer, you need to care for it the right way.

At Fairfax Auto Repair, we specialize in all aspects of preventative maintenance for your Lincoln, from routine oil changes to fluid top-offs to safety checks and coolant changes. We will help you develop a preventative maintenance schedule that works for you and your vehicle, so you can enjoy many more miles of trouble-free performance in the Fairfax area and beyond.


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