Service and Repair of Smart Vehicles

The tiny Smart Car has been a mainstay on European roadways for many years now. These distinctively styled cars are known for more than their small size – they are also renowned for their exceptional fuel economy, their low cost of ownership and their surprisingly peppy performance.

Recently the Smart Car has made the leap across the pond, and today these pint-sized vehicles can be seen roaming urban centers, cruising down area highways and squeezing into even the tightest parking spaces. As the price of fuel continues to rise, Fairfax may be home to many more Smart Cars, and those Smart Car owners will need to find a great repair shop.

Your Smart Car Experts in the Fairfax Area

Despite the success of the Smart Car brand and the growing number of tiny vehicles on area roadways, the number of repair shops with brand-specific expertise is still somewhat limited. These special cars require equally special care, and not every repair shop is equipped to address their needs.

At Fairfax Auto Repair, we are different. We are your Smart Car experts in the Fairfax area, and you can rely on our repairs and diagnostic services. From routine oil changes and leak detection to coolant flushes and transmission work, we can provide everything your Smart Car needs to stay on the road longer.

Preventative Maintenance for Smart Car Owners

The Smart Car brand is still relatively new, but one thing is already clear. These special vehicles need the right preventative maintenance if you want them to last.

The best thing you can do for your Smart Car is to follow the recommended maintenance schedule. That means having the oil changed and filter replaced every 3,000 miles, getting the tires rotated for more even wear and taking good care of your belts, hoses, transmission, engine and other major systems. At Fairfax Auto Repair, we can take care of all the preventative maintenance your Smart Car needs, so you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and enjoy the road ahead.

Distinctive Styling, Unique Care Needs

It is hard to miss a Smart Car when it drives by. These iconic vehicles are among the most distinctive on the road, and their tiny size is not their only special feature. These cars are special in other ways as well, starting with their unique care needs.

The unique care needs of the Smart Car makes finding the right repair shop even more critical, and you can rely on your friends at Fairfax Auto Repair to treat your vehicle right. We treat every customer vehicle as if it was our own, and you can rely on our expert repairs and maintenance services. So just bring your Smart to us and let us take care of the rest.


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