What Are Common Engine Problems

A car engine is a complex piece of equipment that uses an array of moving parts in order to function. Whether big or small, engine problems can become extremely daunting, expensive, and downright frustrating. Before you panic, take a closer look at some common engine problems and what could possibly be the underlying cause.

Your Car Won’t Start

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to go to work, only to discover that your engine won’t start. But don’t panic yet! More often than not, it’s usually related to a dead or dying battery. Check the battery cables for any corrosion and clean them off using a baking soda and water mixture. Other reasons for an engine not starting include a faulty fuel pump, a blocked or clogged fuel filter, a failed starter motor relay, or a problem with the ignition switch.

Your Car Overheats

An overheated engine is not something that can be ignored. Usually, this is caused by low levels of coolant, so do a quick check of your coolant levels once the engine has cooled. Clogged hoses or even a broken thermostat could be other reasons it’s starting to overheat. A blown or cracked gasket is a much more extreme case that should not be ignored. No matter what, if your engine overheats, take it to a mechanic right away before the damage is too severe.

Your Vehicle Stalls

A stalled vehicle is embarrassing and frustrating. It’s also extremely dangerous if your car simply stops in the middle of the road. Some common causes of a stalling vehicle include a problem with your fuel line or fuel filter that inhibit the fuel from getting through the engine. Bad spark plugs or worn out plugs are another common cause. If the stalling continues, bring it to a mechanic for inspection.

You See Steam and/or Smoke

It goes without saying that a smoking engine is a sign of trouble. The type or color of smoke that you see can be an indicator of a specific problem. These problems can range from a worn out gasket to bad cylinders or a broken crankcase. It can even happen if you’ve somehow used the wrong type of motor oil. Never assume that smoking vehicles will get better without proper attention. Whether you are experiencing one of these common engine problems or another engine issue get the problem diagnosed and fixed ASAP.

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