Why Does My Car Pull To The Right Or Left

Driving in today’s society with so much traffic during rush hours is dangerous. Considering a large amount of SUVs on the roads and not to mention all of the tractor trailers, we have to be very concerned about our cars and safe driving. Additionally, teen drivers are getting licenses younger and younger and DUIs are on the increase. We must keep up with our own cars safety and maintain our cars routinely. If you notice your car’s momentum pulling you to one direction or another, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. You should always be in control of your car. Here are a few reasons why your car might not be going where you wish.


Make sure you check your tire pressure to make sure that they are at the level that is recommended for your specific vehicle. If your tires are uneven they will tend to move one way or another. Your tire may also make noise as you drive or turn as a sign that your pressure is not at the proper level.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignments are needed to make sure your wheels are at the right angle needed as you drive. This also adjusts your suspension as it relates to the wheels. The wheel alignment will prevent your wheels from getting worn on only one side and not in a uniform fashion. This can create the pulling that you experience.


Have your brakes checked by a car care professional to make sure that you do not have a malfunction within your brake system that prevents the pressure from distributing evenly to your brakes. If there is uneven pressure being applied to your brakes, then you may feel a pull. This is a dangerous condition. Contact us at Fairfax Auto Repair to get an evaluation on your brake system.


If the tread on your tires are not even or are worn down, then you may have pulling on certain roads. Certain roads are not even and combined with your tire being worn then you may have pulling. Takes all of these serious and get a check of your brake, suspension, and tire pressure and even your tires to see if they have a manufacturers defect or worn treads. To ensure your safety on the roads, contact us at Fairfax Auto Repair to get a diagnostic from one of our specialists.

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