Why Is My Transmission Overheating?

If you smell burning odors coming from the transmission, it’s important that you drive your car, truck, or utility vehicle straight to our shop. Even better, pull over and call for a tow truck to avoid damaging the transmission further. Fairfax Auto Repair advises that an overheating transmission is caused by low transmission fluid or another problem with the transmission. This is just one sign that your transmission needs to be repaired. Here are other signs.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If your transmission is leaking the very fluid that protects it, this will reduce the levels to the point where driving your automobile will damage the transmission. Transmission fluid can leak out of the system’s seals or gaskets, the transmission pan, and the torque converter among other parts.

Problems With the Shifting

Your transmission definitely needs to be serviced at a minimum if it is having problems shifting gears. It may hesitate before it shifts the gears, slip out of gear, or shift the gears too soon. Any difference in how the transmission shifts through the gear cycle is a sign that it needs work.

Rough Gear Shifting

For example, if your vehicle jolts when the transmission shifts gears, you probably have low transmission fluid or a problem with the gears themselves. Aside from the change in the engine’s RPMs, the automatic transmission should shift the gears smoothly.

Strange Transmission Sounds

You shouldn’t hear any strange transmission sounds, either. You shouldn’t hear grinding, squealing, or clunking. You also shouldn’t hear humming when your automobile is in neutral. If you hear any of these sounds, have the transmission inspected right away.

Unresponsive Transmission

All of these things can lead to an unresponsive transmission eventually. This means that the transmission will not go into gear when you shift it engine Drive or Reverse. It may also refuse to shift through the gear cycle when it needs to.

Check Engine Warning Light

Finally, you may also end up with an illuminated check engine warning light. This is definitely an indication that there is something wrong in the engine. In this case, the problem is with the transmission. The light will remain on until the transmission is repaired.

Call Fairfax Auto Repair in Fairfax, VA, today if your car, truck, or utility vehicle is experiencing any of the problems listed above. We will inspect the automatic transmission and make any necessary repairs to restore its functionality. If you drive a manual transmission, don’t worry. We can repair that, too.

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Photo by 1101bytes from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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